Upcoming Events

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    February 10-16, 2023
    • Meditation
    • Self-Discovery
    • Yoga

    Awaken Thy Soul and move through an initiation into Radical Living with Charlotte Vetter & Jeffrey Shub this upcoming February, 2023. This big shift that is happening in the world […]

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    February 18-24, 2023
    • Nourishment
    • Tantra

    Join us for a week-long Make Love To Your Food Retreat with Jp Saliba, Jess Cam & Fran “Coco” Kemp in February, 2023. Are you ready to Make Love to […]

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    May 24-28, 2023
    • Permaculture

    Este curso de cinco días está diseñado para crear una formación completa en los principios, el diseño y la implementación de la agricultura sintrópica. El curso estará a cargo de […]

  • Foto  @helenapcooper 027 768x512
    May 24-28, 2023
    • Permaculture

    This five day course is designed to create a complete formation in syntropic agriculture principles, design and implementation. The course will be led by Nat Mugent of Sitio Semente with […]

Past Events