Upcoming Events

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    At Tierramor we understand the challenges faced by transformational leaders and retreat hosts like you. It takes a team to create a transformational experience so we have created a culture that fully supports you and your events start to finish. We know you seek to create an experience that has a lasting impact on the […]

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    June 2-13, 2024

    10-Day Natural Samādhi Retreat With Bhante Ānanda June 2nd to 13th Natural Samādhi is the original teaching of the Buddha on how to develop mental collectedness (Samādhi), by way of uplifting the mind and relaxing bodily tension. This is what the Buddha called wise practice (Right effort). Learning to use the vehicle of Calm and Clarity […]

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    June 20-23, 2024

    Durante este curso, compartiremos los principios de la agricultura sintrópica desde el diseño a la implementación y manejo de sistemas agroforestales altamente productivos en terrenos degradados por la acción humana.


Past Events

  • SILENCE RETREAT 768x1086
    April 13-17, 2022

    Join us on the beautiful land of Tierramor in the Rio Montana hills for a restorative weekend to return to source, self, and center. Your quest of inner landscape will be held in a container of group meditations, walking the vast land, connecting to the earth, and sharing community meals – all in silence. Drop […]

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    January 22, 2023

    In January 2023, after months of abundant rains and new infrastructure development, We opened our doors for the first time to the wider Nosara community, friends and family. The day began with a meet & greet, followed by a tour of the Tierramor grounds. Our Permaculture Team lead the way, showcasing the beautiful ‘fruits’ of […]

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    February 10-16, 2023

    Awaken Thy Soul and move through an initiation into Radical Living with Charlotte Vetter & Jeffrey Shub this upcoming February, 2023. Photo Gallery from this workshop is included at the bottom of the page. We hold a lot of gratitude for everyone who has attended Awaken Thy Soul and took a life-changing step towards Radical […]

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    March 12 - May 7, 2023

    It is with open hearts and arms that we invite you to join the Tierramor Tribe in a long-awaited Community Immersion this Spring 2023. Our next Immersion Cycle takes place in November 2023.  At the foundation of Tierramor rests three pillars: Ascension, Descension and Regeneration.  This immersion is an experiment with an intention to dive […]

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    May 10-14, 2023

    Clinton Callahan and Anne-Chloé Destremau are bringing their 5-day Possibility Management training, Expand the Box, to Costa Rica for the very first time, on May 10 – 14. We are especially honoured and joyful to welcome these pioneers of Possibility Management after the recent success of Awaken Thy Soul workshop. Awaken Thy Soul is an immersion that […]

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    May 24-28, 2023

    This five day course is designed to create a complete formation in syntropic agriculture principles, design and implementation. The course will be led by Nat Mugent of Sitio Semente with Scott Gallant of Porvenir Design and Jorge Espinosa of Collectivo Waybill as co-instructor. The Tierramor farm crew will be providing significant support to the course […]

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    May 24-28, 2023
    • Natural Building

    Este curso de cinco días está diseñado para crear una formación completa en los principios, el diseño y la implementación de la agricultura sintrópica. El curso estará a cargo de Nat Mugen de Sitio Semente en colaboración con Scott Gallant de Porvenir Design y Jorge Espinosa de Collectivo Waybill como co-instructor. El equipo de Tierramor […]

    December 4-11, 2023

    You are invited to attend the first ever Artist Residency program at Tierramor, lead by the talented Anna Kiesser and Tali Tsour. The Tierramor Artist Residency is a uniquely crafted experience for creatives, artists, visionaries and healers that bridges connections between art, the earth, and subtleties of the human experience.  This container invites you to […]

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    December 21, 2023

    This solstice, come together at Tierramor to celebrate the journey of the past year, express gratitude, and dream big for the year ahead. The crescent moon guides us through a night of dance, fire, and therapeutic vibrations, creating an atmosphere of empowerment and intention.

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    January 10-24, 2024

    We are pleased to open up the month of January with lots of magic, dance and celebration. In alignment with the first lunar cycle of 2024 you are invited to come and dance with us to celebrate the first New, First Quarter and Full Moon of 2024. Come and journey with us and Yozéf Dragón […]

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    February 24, 2024

    Join us for an exciting Farm Day at Tierramor! / ¡Únete a nosotros para un emocionante Día de Finca en Tierramor!

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    February 29, 2024

    Join Anna Kiesser and Sophie Lua for a full day of Tantric breath work, fire dance, conscious relating, playful connection and intimacy building.

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    March 14-19, 2024

    Join us for a deep-dive Voice Medicine Retreat with Uria Tsur. The Voice Medicine Retreat is a 6-day ceremonial container designed to support you to liberate your expression and discover your authentic voice.

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    March 23 - April 6, 2024

    Awaken Yoga School is hosting a 200 hour YTT and Somatic Leadership Initiation at Tierramor!

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    April 14-28, 2024

    Tierramor and Porvenir Design team up in our Permaculture Design Certification Course, where whole-systems thinking meets hands-on exploration. Discover the secrets of Syntropic Farming, immerse yourself in ecological patterns, and gain the tools to redesign your surroundings sustainably.

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    April 29 - May 4, 2024

    A space is designed for raw connection for men to live and be seen in all spectrums of emotion.