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Building a living research center and community in Nosara, Costa Rica.


Our Pillars

Tierramor is a space for connection

  • ascend tierramor


    Reach new heights.

    Connect with yourself.

  • descend tierramoa


    Remember your depth.

    Connect with others.

  • regeneration tierramor


    Build anew.

    Connect with nature.

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Our Mission

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Our Purpose

We believe a better world is possible. We know that the tools to rebuild and regenerate are out there. It's time for us to remember how to use them.

We are here to find harmony — with ourselves and with the earth. Tierramor is an invitation and a meeting point for all those ready to build the world our hearts know is possible.

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    June 20-23, 2024

    Durante este curso, compartiremos los principios de la agricultura sintrópica desde el diseño a la implementación y manejo de sistemas agroforestales altamente productivos en terrenos degradados por la acción humana.

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    June 2-13, 2024

    10-Day Natural Samādhi Retreat With Bhante Ānanda June 2nd to 13th Natural Samādhi is the original teaching of the Buddha on how to develop mental collectedness (Samādhi), by way of uplifting the mind and relaxing bodily tension. This is what the Buddha called wise practice (Right effort). Learning to use the vehicle of Calm and Clarity […]

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The Tierramor Community

We are building a new culture and community rooted in connection. Pioneers welcome.



Our non-profit permaculture and biodiversity research center is currently accepting applications for volunteers and full-time staff.

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