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Our vision is simple yet transformative: to utilize the best of emerging technology to collapse the false dichotomy between agriculturally productive and biologically diverse land use. We intend to empower businesses to create flourishing ecosystems which make existing monoculture production systems obsolete.

This harmonious fusion of regenerative and precision agriculture signifies a technological leap, to dissolve separation and create a harmonious coexistence where productivity and biodiversity thrive side by side.

Samaranya is about turning visions into reality. Samaranya is a collaborative ecosystem that nurtures ideas, providing the foundation for transformative projects to take root.

At the core of Samaranya's mission lies a commitment to innovation in agriculture.
We call upon founders building businesses in one of the following categories:

  • sensing

    Understanding the plant and animal world through Sensor Technology

  • interpretation

    Utilizing AI and Machine Learning to interpret the data

  • manipulation

    Built Hardware planting, maintaining and harvesting systems

Are you working on one of these three technologies and looking for a place to put your ideas into practice? 

Here’s how we can help:

  • Mentorship and Advisory: Work with some of the top minds and hearts in the precision agriculture space to help bring your dream to life.
  • Collaboration: Cowork with experts and others in related fields, all working towards the same goal.
  • Stay: Housing and three meals a day.
  • Space: A space to test your ideas. Tierramor stewards 500 acres of land in the Nicoya region of Costa Rica where we are actively regenerating degraded pasture land back into forest systems.
  • Apply

    The application process is a gateway for those already working on groundbreaking projects. Tierramor welcomes changemakers, entrepreneurs, programmers and makers venturing into the intersection of precision agriculture and technology. Through our unique incubation program, spanning 30-90 days, we want to support and collaborate. 

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