A living research center

The Post-Scarcity Institute is dedicated to investigating new, optimal, and aligned ways of living and being in harmony with the earth.

Post-Scarcity Institute (PSI)

The Post-Scarcity Institute constitutes a key element of the Tierramor vision. Established in 2021, the PSI is a non-profit research center for investigating new, optimal, and aligned ways of living and being.

All too often, the modern world considers diversity (ecological, social, intellectual, and spiritual) and productivity to exist in conflict. At the Post-Scarcity Institute, however, we seek the intrinsic harmony at the core of these polarities, finding deep value in both innovation and ancient wisdom.

“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”

– Isaac Newton
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What does that look like in our day-day-operations? Briefly put, the PSI applies permaculture, agroforestry, and other sustainability methodologies to uplift the lives of its community members, visitors, and neighbors in the Guanacaste province of Costa Rica.

As the Post-Scarcity Institute aims to be a living, breathing research center, we prioritize practice and implementation, with a focus on:

  • Architecture and landscape design informed by permaculture.
  • Tierramor project design for integrated food, energy, and water systems.
  • Triple bottom line business development.
  • Abundant food and hyperlocal solutions.
  • Governance.
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The PSI cohabits an incredible 500 hectares of land with Tierramor.

As a steward of the land, the Post-Scarcity Institute interweaves its regenerative programs with Tierramor’s temples, retreat center, and community in a symbiotic paradigm. Those who work at the PSI are involved in designing, researching, iterating, and implementing sustainable solutions for thriving and evolving in community. Sharing an incredible 500 hectares of land with the Tierramor community and retreat center, the PSI supports the project’s mission to bring people back into alignment with their primary human needs—connection, soul nourishment, and belonging.