PULSE: A week-long ReWilding Retreat

January 28 - February 4, 2024

Experience a week of Rewilding, embracing your True Self, and cultivating genuine connections with others amidst the breathtaking setting of Nosara, Costa Rica.


This immersion creates an opportunity for you to reclaim your life force energy and feel at ease in connecting with others. 

During this week we will collectively create a safe space to celebrate our fullness, break through the constraints of societal conditioning, nurture connection with our bodies and cultivate self-acceptance. 

This retreats allows you to engage in practices that will help you cultivate aliveness and create a new flow through dance and movement therapy, transformational breathwork and psychodynamic healing.

We will teach you how to direct this energy toward the areas of life you wish to enhance and help clear any stagnant energy from your body, mind, and soul.


We will delve into tantric practices that enrich intimacy and authentic connection, bringing us closer to the essence of this human journey. In this path, we find that freedom often emerges when we feel permission to be real, vulnerable and embrace life’s uncertainties with an open heart.

This retreat’s daily practice involves harvesting food, creating art with Earth and immersing ourselves in the flourishing flora and fauna at Tierramor. Immersed in nature our nervous system becomes regulated, enabling us to have a lived experience and cultivate awareness about what it means to live interconnected with all beings around us.


The abundant setting of Tierramor acts as a catalyst for our personal growth and amplifies the impact of all other activities we participate in.



  • you possess curiosity, actively taking responsibility for your growth;
  • you need to reset your nervous system and acquire tools to help you feel more at ease in everyday life;
  • you want to learn Rewilding practices, unleash your life force and break free from unsupportive societal conditioning;
  • you are ready to release blocks that don’t serve you anymore, allowing for a deeper journey into authentic connections;
  • you want to feel more fully expressed, and be seen and accepted in your totality;
  • you want to feel a deeper level of Self love and Self acceptance, especially for the parts that you judge;
  • you want to fall in love with your body and embrace yourself more fully;
  • you want to feel safety in your body while connecting with others and find new ways to live, create and connect;
  • you want to dive deeper into intimacy, while being in truth and alignment with yourself, and feel nourished by connection with community;
  • you desire to be fully immersed in nature, in connection with the land, and see permaculture & reforestation systems applied for the betterment of the planet.


6:45 Yoga & Breathwork
8:00 Silent Breakfast
10:30 Harvesting in the garden
11:00 Morning workshops: Authentic Connection & Communication
13:00 Lunch
15:00 Afternoon activities: Embodiment practices, Masculine and Feminine Polarity Exploration, Sharing Circle
18:00 Dinner
19:00 Men & Women’s Groups






“I had the privilege of attending a 12 day retreat with Anna. During this time I was able to connect with parts of myself that had become largely unknown to me. Prior to attending this retreat, I do not know if I had engaged in any true creative expression since I was a child. Not only had I lost connection with my creativity, but with my body, my freedom, my life force. Through various exercises involving meditation, breathwork, movement, touch, artwork and community connection I was able to reconnect with this life force energy that had seemingly become dormant inside me. This process was not always easy. I was confronted with shadow parts of myself and emotional wounds that had likely contributed to me becoming cut off from connection with others, the Earth and myself. I experienced my body “waking up”. I am able to express myself more fully than ever before, unbound by my insecurities and inhibitions. I feel able to let the energy inside me be whoever it needs to be. This allowed me to construct pieces of art that I never thought possible given my complete lack of artistic experience. I was able to create something that was truly an expression of me. Anna has found a way to help people become more deeply connected with themselves and the world around them through the medium of sculpting. She helped me along in my journey of connecting with and learning to express who I truly am. For this I am immensely grateful.” – Michael, USA

“I’ve been in therapy for years now and tried all kinds of different healing modalities. When I found Sophie her message really spoke to me and I decided to reach out and speak to her. I decided to work together and it has by far been the most transformative out of everything that I have done. People have been saying that they feel a different presence and confidence about me and I feel a new sense of aliveness and excitement about life.” – Patrick, Sweden

“WILD WONDER” the retreat held by Anna and Àine was like a journey through my body where many memories are stored. And there at the deepest ground sits the clairvoyant, healing-feeling, and the autonomously capable, often buried under shadow aspects. We were allowed to uncover them together with our own hands from the dark pit – formed from clay and seeds; we sculpted our very own essence. In retrospect, a strong belief in the power of my visions remained. The confidence in myself and my beauty, in my own initiative and self-determined ways. I feel openness, clarity, inspiration, curiosity, and a good portion of fun in playing. In everyday life, I can better differentiate myself from my environment and formulate what I need. I find the whole world to be more sensual, more stimulating and simply delicious. This sparks joy in me and my body and the desire to keep on exploring my eroticism.” – Janka, Germany

“If you are looking for a space where you will be held by someone who truly embodies this work and will see you in your highest light then I highly recommend this. Sophie created a beautiful space in which I felt safe and brave enough to explore this topic in a truly judgment free zone. I wish I had done this work 20 years ago.” – Lilliana B.

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To be shared at the time of the booking.

You can find directions to Tierramor under the FAQ section below. If you decide to arrive by car, your car can be parked safely at Tierramor throughout the retreat. 

For any further questions, contact annakiesser@gmail.com or sophie@sophielua.com.


Please scroll for prices and booking options below.

Fill out the PULSE Registration Form to complete the booking.


Tierramor’s dedicated Farm to Table Dining Team will provide 3 x daily meals for the duration of the workshop. We believe being a part of the solution – by nourishing ourselves we nourish our environment. We do our best to support and source from local farms (including our own) and use as many organic ingredients in our cooking as we can. We share meals together, in a communal space.

The majority of meals are vegetarian. We can accommodate for all dietary requirements, including vegan. When there is availability of fresh fish, chicken and meat, those can also be incorporated in the diet.

In our effort to minimise plastic usage and food waste, we do not currently permit guests to prepare their own meals in the kitchen.

Any specific dietary requirements should be notified ahead of time of arrival 😊

Email annakiesser@gmail.com or sophie@sophielua.com if you have any dietary restrictions.


Tierramor has 14 rustic cabins; every Casita has fresh linen and towels, electrical outlets, night lamps, fans, handmade wooden clothing shelves and bedside tables, an outdoor shower and a personal mosquito net. Each casita also has a unique handwoven stargazing net for your enjoyment!

All bathroom spaces are shared.


English only



@path.weavers @by.sophielua

  • Earthen Art | Transformational Facilitation | Natural Sculptures | Mask Making | Fire Dance

    Anna Kiesser

    Anna Kiesser is a Tantric facilitator, building bridges between Tantric work, Art, and the Earth. Anna focuses on creating deep, transformative and trauma-informed spaces for people to experience healing, empowerment and free expression of their true essence.

    Anna’s journey began with love for the art of makeup, prosthetics, and masks. This passion took her on adventures all around the world, working on film sets of “Star Wars,” “Wonder Woman 1984” and “The Hunger Games”. During her 9 year career working on the physical transformations of actors, Anna turned her focus towards inner transformation and working with natural materials.

    She interweaves her artistic background with healing modalities to create Land-art, Eco-sculptures, and Mask workshops that accelerate inner transformation. Anna’s offerings are rooted in Art Therapy, Natural building techniques, Bodywork, Breathwork, Neo-Tantra, Aqua Therapy, Plant Medicine and more.

    Pic for Bio
  • Tantra | Rebirthing Breathwork | Yoga | Embodiment | Psychodynamic Healing

    Sophie Bekkering

    Sophie has a Masters Degree in Psychology and has studied at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality with Layla Martin. After completing her Psychology studies, Sophie embarked on her Tantra journey 12 years ago when she relocated to the Asian jungles. There, she unearthed a newfound passion and has been on an ongoing journey of learning and exploration. Living amidst the lush jungle while studying yoga and tantra, she found her calling. Her greatest joy lies in sharing this profound work with others and in crafting environments that foster deep connections, authenticity, and uninhibited expression.

    Sophie is certified as a Rebirthing Breathwork instructor and a Tantra Yoga teacher. She also spent extended time working with plant medicine and studying shamanism.

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  • IMG 7922

    All Inclusive Retreat: King Bed Private Casita

    Includes the full curriculum, accommodation + meals. Fill out the PULSE Registration Form below to complete the booking.
  • 9U3A4754 scaled

    All Inclusive Retreat: Semi-private Casita

    Includes the full curriculum, accommodation + meals. This room option is double occupancy. Fill out the PULSE Registration Form below to complete the booking.
  • 9U3A4675 scaled

    All Inclusive Retreat: Dorm Casita

    Includes the full curriculum, accommodation + meals. This room option is 4 people per casita x 2 bunk beds. Fill out the PULSE Registration Form below to complete the booking.


  • Is it possible to visit Tierramor or stay short term?

    Yes! Our Events Calendar is up to date with upcoming retreats, events & workshops.

    We will have additional lodging options available in the future. Tierramor will also be hosting approximately four Open Days a year. Please sign up to our newsletter to stay up to date with this.

  • How many people live in the community and how can I join?

    Tierramor is able to comfortably accommodate 30+ people. We anticipate between 10 and 30 people living in the community at any given time. At the moment, 10 people living on site are dedicating the majority of their energy to working on developing the project.

    You can join our community as part of the Community Immersion or please check out our latest work opportunities under the Co-Create section.

  • What types of activities are on offer?

    As a retreat center and a burgeoning community, Tierramor offers a variety of week-long retreats, day events and workshops throughout the year. As part of the Community Immersion, all community members will have free access to daily yoga, meditation, dance, and other embodiments practices and can offer to facilitate and share their own practice with the community.

    Sign up to our Newsletter to receive updates on upcoming Community Immersion dates!

  • What is the food like?

    Most of the food is vegetarian, and vegans can be accommodated. We aim to have as much local and organic food as possible.

  • What is the internet like?

    All communal areas have internet. Tierramor has also built a dedicated lounge-like co-working space on the land, which is accessible to all community members. The internet is excellent and we hope to install high speed internet soon as well.

  • What is your children policy?

    Right now we are open to adults only. Children are welcome to attend specific day events only. As Tierramor continues to grow and evolve, this may change.

  • Can I bring my car and what are the roads like?

    If you are renting or bringing your own car, make sure you are driving a four-wheel drive (4x4). The majority of roads are unpaved, dirt roads and require a specialized car. You will be able to safely park your vehicle in the designated parking areas at Tierramor.

  • How do I get to Tierramor?

    You can drive, or take a taxi service from Nosara.

    1. Type into GPS the following address: Mini Super Y Licores Río Montaña, located in the mango grove area between Nosara and Ostional.

    2. Once there, turn into the road towards the mountains which is next to the Mini super Y licores.

    3. Head straight for about 0.5 km until you reach a T junction. There will be a river on your right and a road on your left. Go left and follow the road for another mile.

    4. You will pass through a teak forest, go over a small bridge and a 2.5 mile dirt road up the hill will take you to Tierramor.

    5. You will see signs along the way and a member of our team will meet you up top to help with parking.

  • How far out of town is Tierramor?

    We are located outside of Nosara in the Rio Montana area.

    The easiest way to get into town is by car (4x4 necessary) which takes around ~25 minutes in the dry season. The roads can be really bad in the wet season, which makes this a longer and more challenging trip.

  • How far is the beach from Tierramor?

    We are ~25 minutes away from the beach by car (4x4 necessary). There are sometimes shared rides available. The roads can be really bad in the wet season, which makes this a longer and more challenging trip.

  • Which are the best months to come?

    The Dry Season, which extends from November to April, coincides with the peak tourist season. During these months, camping and casita accommodations are at their prime, and it is generally the most enjoyable time to stay at Tierramor. Please note March and April are the hottest months in the Guanacaste region.

    The Green Season is exceptionally stunning but can present more challenges, including occasional power and internet outages, heavy rainfall, and difficult road conditions, primarily in the months of August through October. 

    The weather is greatly influenced by the annual climate patterns.

  • Is it possible to buy land or a house?

    These opportunities are coming soon! Please sign up to our newsletter to stay up to date with this.

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