Make Love to Your Food Retreat

February 18-24, 2023

Join us for a week-long Make Love To Your Food Retreat with Jp Saliba, Jess Cam & Fran “Coco” Kemp in February, 2023.

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Are you ready to Make Love to your Food? Join us on an incredible sensual exploration designed to transform your perspective on nourishment. Activate your senses and fully embark on a journey where we will create new ways of relating to food.

With Punta Mona currently closed, the sexy, talented and juicy jungle Punta Monians continue their incredible work in the world. JP Saliba & Fran”Coco”Kemp have partnered up once again to produce more magic – this time uniting with Jess Cam for a tantric twist. This retreat weaves the ancient wisdoms of tantra and herbalism, co-creating an unforgettable experience.

Our innate passion for food continues to grow and evolve. We believe that our relationship with food is the foundation to understanding our past and shaping our present & future. Each being’s relationship with food can change the way they see the world. Once we address our beliefs and rewrite them, we are empowered to create from a place of love and abundance.

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This experience will rejuvenate your relationship with food and activate your inner sensuality & playfulness. Arouse your creative expression by creating food that is so sexy and delicious you’re going to want to make love to it

We will dive into Eastern & Western philosophies regarding food, herbology and neo-tantra. We will learn about the medicinal properties of plants around us which will allow you to fine tune your relationship to the food you are eating. We will explore ancestral and modern modalities from the mystical East to the lucid West to help us form new beliefs that empower our higher selves.

We are known to have flabbergasted Punta Mona & Momentum Collective with several renowned tropical food experiences and Make Love to your Food Retreat is no different.


Dates: February 18th – February 24th, 2023

Location: Tierramor Retreat Centre. Nosara, Costa Rica.

To ease travel arrangements, transportation will be arranged by Tierramor (*within the retreat dates, at an additional cost).



Meet the Facilitators

Jp Saliba

20220506-Momentom-Collective-MACAW-May-2022-124-1-683x1024My name is Jp and I am one of the pioneers and core community leaders at Tierramor, as well as a Herbalist & Lead Chef with Momentom Collective Green Residencies. My journey in Costa Rica began by building community and studying with Sarah Wu & Stephen Brooks about permaculture & herbalism in Punta Mona. There I learned the art of growing, harvesting and wildcrafting plants into medicinal potions.
Living and learning in Costa Rica for a few years now, I am proud to call myself a Medicinal Plant Wizard and a Plant Based Jungle Chef. As a Level 2 Reiki Healer & Level 2 Authentic Relating Leader, I could be described as a liquid – always flowing and changing shape – alongside the fire within me, blazing hot, wild and constant. I see myself as an exotic creature created with the biggest dose of open-heartedness.

Jess Cam

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I am Jess but some of you may know me as the Founder of Acrotantra and of one of the pillars of the Acroyoga Quebec community. My journey began in primary school teaching, where I learned that the most efficient way to take in new information is by playing. After becoming deeply interested in the subtle energies that surround us, I decided to devote my attention to sacred space holding, tantra and shamanic practices. Now, I use Acroyoga as a doorway to integrate some of the tantric principles and it is my greatest passion to present Acroyoga, from another angle. I could be described as giggly, caring and more often seen upside down. I love offering holistic experiences and that is what Make Love to Your Food is all about.

Fran “Coco” Kemp

frankie-bio-photo-240x300Hey I’m Frankie, I’ve been the Kitchen Manager at Punta Mona for 3 years. They call me Fran“Coco” since I’ve literally found so many ways to use coconuts in the kitchen to create mouthwatering experiences. I am currently travelling Central America as The Head Chef with Momentom Collective. I am specialised in creating sensory experiences and making delicious sauces you would want to put all over your body. I love to play music and chat about Permaculture & fruit. Inspired by ancestral methods, my passion for regenerative food sovereignty has led my creativity to shine to cook in the ground, in bamboo and in earth ovens.



Farm to Table Exquisite Cuisine

This experience includes daily meal plans for the duration of the retreat. We do our best to accommodate dietary restrictions. At Make Love to your Food Retreat, we believe being a part of the solution – by nourishing ourselves we nourish our environment. We source only organic ingredients from nearby farms to nourish you so that you feel at home, nurtured and inspired to continue practicing ethical and healthy food habits. 

Our Kitchen goals include supporting regenerative farms & communities, initiating food production on our own land and practicing active inner listening when we’re eating. It is our hope that you will experience a sixth sense when relating to your food; a new way of embarking on a sensual food journey. We often practice gratitude circles around our food to further elevate the nourishment it has on our bodies.


Accommodation book here

Overall, we have capacity for 30+ guests (all accommodations have access to showers & shared bathroom space):

  • No accommodation necessary (for those living/staying locally)
  • 4 Dorms with 4 guests per casita (2 x Bunk Beds per room)
  • 2 Casitas with 2 guests per casita (2 x Single Beds per room)
  • 4 Private Casitas with a Full Bed (each is available for one or two people to share one bed, with outdoor suspended nets for extra relaxation)
  • 3 Large Canvas Bell Tents (each is available for one or two people to share one tent)
  • Bring your own tent

There will be ample opportunities to experience and master:

  • Sacred Ceremonies & Authentic Relating
  • Herbalism & Farm to Table Workshops
  • Daily Body & Soul Activations
  • Sensual Food Experiences
  • Fire Ceremonies & Kirtan
  • Holotropic Breathwork
  • Tantric Practices
  • Thaï Massage
  • Acroyoga




  • You want to bring more presence, sensuality, lightness, juiciness and sexiness to the way you nourish yourself and others
  • You desire to understand the relationship the food has with your emotional, mental, and spiritual body
  • You desire to dive into your relationship with food and examine the beliefs you are holding on to
  • You want to develop roots that connect us through the expression of culinary delight
  • You want to feel love exploding from your heart and soul in every bite you take
  • You yearn for an experience of radical self-expression
  • You want to learn the language to speak with the plants that feed you
  • You desire to start living your most authentic self and follow your highest excitement
  • You are thrilled to let your inner child come out and play every time you’re nourishing your body
  • You are excited to learn how to make your meal experience extraordinary by exploring all your senses when eating


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  • How far out of town is Tierramor?

    We are located outside of Nosara in the Rio Montana area.

    The easiest way to get into town is by taxi ($30) which takes around 20 minutes in the dry season.

    The roads can be really bad in wet season, which makes this a longer and more challenging trip.

  • How far is the beach from Tierramor?

    We are 20 minutes away from the beach by car. There are sometimes shared rides, but if you take a taxi this will cost $30 each way

    Please not this trip can take longer with the bad roads that come with wet season.

  • Is it possible to visit Tierramor or stay short term?

    No. At the moment, unfortunately we do not have the capacity to accommodate visitors or guests. This will likely change in November 2022, so please sign up to our newsletter to stay up to date with these opportunities.

  • Which are the best months to come?

    The dry season is from November to April and this is also the high season for tourists, these months are the best for camping accommodations, and generally the most pleasant time to spent at Tierramor.

    The wet season AKA "green season" is incredibly beautiful, but more challenging - during this time we experience more things like power and internet and power outages, the rain can be intense, and the roads can be bad.

    Also note that March and April can be pretty hot where we are.

  • How many people live in the community?

    We are in the early stages of the project, and we have between 4 and 10 people during the wet season, and between 12 and 20 people on site during the dry season. This will increase significantly over time.

    At the moment, everyone living on site is dedicating the majority of their energy to working on developing the project.

  • What types of activities are on offer?

    Activities are offered by community members and vary depending on who is on-site. Yoga, dance, and other embodiments practices are often co-created by the community.

  • What is the food like?

    Most of the food is vegetarian, and vegans can be accommodated. We aim to have as much local and organic food as possible.

  • What is the internet like?

    During the dry season (Nov - April) we have excellent internet, working remotely from the project site is a completely viable option.

    During the wet season, its best not to rely on the internet and other utilities too much, as we experience frequent outages.

  • Is it possible to join the community and buy land or a house?

    These opportunities are not currently available, but will become available over the next few years. Please sign up to our newsletter to stay up to date with this.