Natural Building Point Holder

We are looking for an experienced natural builder to join our team

The Opportunity

Tierramor is currently seeking an experienced natural builder to join our community in Nosara, Costa Rica. 

Tierramor has a strong focus on natural, sustainable, and alternative building. We are looking for an experienced and passionate person who can join our team, and lead natural building elements in our current (phase zero) development. This involves working with our Construction Point Holder and building crews to incorporate natural building elements where possible, with an emphasis on upskilling our team. This person will also lead specific projects such as the construction of composting toilets, showers, and a sweat lodge. 

We would also like this person to make input into the design and planning of extensive natural building solutions for the larger scale development, which will likely break ground in 2023. 

Are looking for someone who values both beautiful and functional natural buildings. The ideal person for this role is someone who is passionate about both design and construction. 

Tierramor will be running an event and workshop schedule from November 2022 through April 2023. We are looking for someone for this role that is comfortable with, and excited about, leading natural building workshops. 

The right person for this position is someone with extensive natural building experience, ideally in Costa Rica or in the tropics. We are looking for someone who will lead natural building on a daily basis, upskill our more conventional builders, and lead workshops. The ability to work with a diverse team is important for this role, and this position may involve managing volunteers. 

We are particularly interested in natural builders who specialize in working with cob, wattle and daub, bamboo, earthen floors, timber and other natural solutions.

This person needs to be flexible and adaptable, and willing to live in a community that is developing. The ideal person for this role has an understanding and background in the type of activities at the core of Tierramor – tantra, meditation, transformation experiences, and  permaculture.

We have a strong preference for people who intend to stay longer term. 

Point-holders are provided with simple casita accommodations, meals, and a monthly stipend.

Required Skills, Experience and Attitude

  • Extensive natural building experience
  • Design experience 
  • Leadership experience 
  • Experience and interest in leading workshops 
  • Great team player 
  • English language proficiency (verbal & written)
  • Working proficiency in Spanish .
  • Experience managing workers, ideally in Costa Rica
  • Ability to do daily physical work.
  • Ability to take responsibility for tasks and projects
  • Excellent communication skills, great attitude, high level of  consistency
  • Willingness to live in an evolving community which receives volunteers and where most spaces are shared.
  • Flexible personality, able to adapt in growing and developing project
  • Willingness to live and work in a relatively remote area (20 minute drive from the nearest town, bad roads in wet season)
  • Basic computer skills: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Google Drive, etc.

To apply: Please send the following to

  • Your Resume (max 3 pages)  
  • A one-page covering letter telling us why you are interested in and a fit for this role
  • References and/of examples of projects you have worked on in the past

In the subject line of your email please write: “Application: Natural Building PH 2023 [your name]”

If you have questions, reach out to us via email. 


  • How far out of town is Tierramor?

    We are located outside of Nosara in the Rio Montana area.

    The easiest way to get into town is by taxi ($30) which takes around 20 minutes in the dry season.

    The roads can be really bad in wet season, which makes this a longer and more challenging trip.

  • How far is the beach from Tierramor?

    We are 20 minutes away from the beach by car. There are sometimes shared rides, but if you take a taxi this will cost $30 each way

    Please not this trip can take longer with the bad roads that come with wet season.

  • Is it possible to visit Tierramor or stay short term?

    No. At the moment, unfortunately we do not have the capacity to accommodate visitors or guests. This will likely change in November 2022, so please sign up to our newsletter to stay up to date with these opportunities.

  • Which are the best months to come?

    The dry season is from November to April and this is also the high season for tourists, these months are the best for camping accommodations, and generally the most pleasant time to spent at Tierramor.

    The wet season AKA "green season" is incredibly beautiful, but more challenging - during this time we experience more things like power and internet and power outages, the rain can be intense, and the roads can be bad.

    Also note that March and April can be pretty hot where we are.

  • How many people live in the community?

    We are in the early stages of the project, and we have between 4 and 10 people during the wet season, and between 12 and 20 people on site during the dry season. This will increase significantly over time.

    At the moment, everyone living on site is dedicating the majority of their energy to working on developing the project.

  • What types of activities are on offer?

    Activities are offered by community members and vary depending on who is on-site. Yoga, dance, and other embodiments practices are often co-created by the community.

  • What is the food like?

    Most of the food is vegetarian, and vegans can be accommodated. We aim to have as much local and organic food as possible.

  • What is the internet like?

    During the dry season (Nov - April) we have excellent internet, working remotely from the project site is a completely viable option.

    During the wet season, its best not to rely on the internet and other utilities too much, as we experience frequent outages.

  • Is it possible to join the community and buy land or a house?

    These opportunities are not currently available, but will become available over the next few years. Please sign up to our newsletter to stay up to date with this.