We believe a better world is possible

Tierramor is an invitation and a meeting point for all those ready to build the world our hearts know is possible.

Our Purpose

We are here to find harmony—with ourselves and with the earth. Loneliness, stagnation, and anxiety are symptoms of a poorly-designed modern society, but they are not inevitable. Our connective tissue of culture and tribe is tired and undernourished. Fortunately, the tools to rebuild and regenerate are out there. We just have to remember how to use them.

We are obstructing our own connection to source, self, and community. We believe it is time to integrate timeless solutions—paths of ascension, descension, and regeneration—to overcome our current challenges and shift into a new way of living and growing. At Tierramor, we are deliberately designing a culture of connection at the cutting edge of the regenerative space.

What better use of our time here could there be?

“In order to replace the existing system, build a new system that makes the existing system obsolete.”

– Buckminster Fuller
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Our Vision

  • What does culture look like when it is crafted intentionally to fulfill our primary needs for connection and actualization?
  • What would it look like for humanity and nature to truly thrive together?
  • How would it feel to live in a system designed to facilitate trust, rather than compound fear?
  • How can we receive the learnings we are meant to receive in this incarnation?
  • Is it possible to create a place where we can deliberately move through a process of personal and ecological development supported by the best tools available today?

Tierramor is an evolving research center and community working to live the answers to these questions. Currently in its initial stages of development on 120 hectares of incredible land in Nosara, Costa Rica, Tierramor aims to be a meeting point for anyone who wishes to explore the dark and the light. Tierramor will host regular workshops, retreats and events, and will attract permaculturists, spiritual seekers, and purposeful wanderers from around the world.

A center for consciousness, the project will include:

  • A Temple for the discovery of yoga, tantra, dance, conscious sexuality, and silent retreats.
  • A large retreat center with glamping, eco-luxe accommodation, and communal spaces.
  • A permaculture research center (Post-Scarcity Institute).
  • Long-term community housing and governance.
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Why Tierramor?

  • Tierra: Earth

    Teacher, transmitter, and receiver.

  • Amor: Love️️

    Light and dark, sun and void, ascension and descension. Love is the core.

  • Tierramor: Meeting of Earth and Love

    A vehicle and a container for this process of transmission and reception. A place where we can walk both paths and discover wholeness and connection.

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